Coffee Origins - Indonesia


Indonesia Is the world's fourth largest coffee producer

The Indonesia cup features a contemporary take on traditional batik designs. The cup's vibrant colours reflect Indonesia's bright and beautiful culture.

The country's equatorial location and volcanic, mountainous terrain make it ideal for coffee production.

Indonesia is so famous for its coffee that Java, the name of the island home to half the country's population, became a colloquial term for the beverage in North America.

Most coffee produced is Robusta. Specialties include 'kopi luwak', produced from coffee beans eaten and digested by a creature called a civet, producing one of the most expensive coffees in the world.

Indonesian coffees tend to be full-bodied, rich in taste and lean toward dark and earthy flavours.

This cup design is one of 3 Coffee Origin designs mixed in a carton of takeway single wall coffee cups.

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