3 takeaway coffee cup trends that will boost your business

Edible Coffe Cup
Competition is rife in the takeaway coffee industry, with countless cafes vying for customers and looking for fresh new ways to stand out. You want to let people know that you’ve got great products and that it’s worth coming back to your café again and again. The first step is to somehow entice a potential customer to walk through the door and get their hands on one of your delicious beverages. Here are three takeaway coffee cup trends that will make your café stand out from the competition.


     1. Edible Coffee Cups

 Would you ever consider adding an edible element to your takeaway drinks? Café’s everywhere are starting to think out of the box and create takeaway coffees that are so much more than just your average beverage. Sydney café Piccolo Me added some extra oomph to their coffees and other hot beverages by introducing a Nutella cookie coffee cup. The cup-shaped cookie sits directly in to the takeaway coffee cup and is filled with hot coffee (or whichever hot drink you select). Magic!

Edible Coffe Cup

                                                                                                  Image - Daily Mail UK

        2. Get stamped

Getting your brand out to the public is key to bringing in new clientele, and featuring your café’s logo on your takeaway cups is a great way to get the word out. People who walk around holding one of your takeaway coffee cups are a walking advertisement for your business, so make sure you take this opportunity to impress. Don’t want to shell out the cash for custom printing? A white paper coffee cup is the perfect canvas for an affordable coffee cup rubber stamp, which can be made using a jpeg or EPS file of your logo and can be applied to paper, cardboard and untreated wood.


                                                                       Image -   Woodruff & Co


       3. Have your say

Clever quotes and sayings written on takeaway coffee cups is another great way to set yourself apart. Customers will appreciate a little bit of effort to make them chuckle or think about something from a unique perspective when they’re enjoying their daily caffeine hit. You’ll most likely have to invest in some custom printing for this trend, but if you choose a few different sayings then you can certainly get your moneys worth. Don’t forget to include your logo and social media handles on the cup so that people can figure out where the cool coffee cup comes from.


Finding different ways to make your takeaway coffee cups stand out is a great way to catch peoples attention and generate new customers. Whatever your business size or budget, there are many different ways to add a unique twist to your brand.