Plates & Bowls

Food Packaging Online has a huge range of Paper, Plastic, Foam, Eco - Sugarcane Bagasse & Palm Leaf Plates & Bowls. Palm Leaf Plates & Bowls are a new environmental option made entirely from fallen palm leaves. Square plates and bowls in a range of sizes portray a quality food service presentation.Our Eco-Sugarcane Bagasse Plate options include Round & Oval Sugarcane Bagasse Plates which are 100% Biodegradable & Compostable. Unlike other materials, sugarcane can be moulded into shape, so a 3 compartment plate is unique alternative if food separation is required. Paper Plates are a cheap alternative for a disposable plate option in 3 sizes (6", 7" & 9") We also supply the range of 'Chinet' up-market paper plates. Another budget disposable or takeaway plate option is our Plastic Plates.